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Jason Palmer was born to be a landscaper. It’s in his blood. His interest and passion evolved while working alongside his father Glen( The picture above was taken in 1982), who has operated a landscape company in the Guelph area since 1974.

To increase his knowledge Jason attended and graduated from the University of Guelph’s A.D.A Horticulture Program in 1996. He started Wellington Landscapes in 1997 to specialize in residential and estate landscape construction. Through his attention to detail Jason brings the natural beauty of the countryside to you.

He challenges himself everyday to make your project special and unique. He goes the extra mile to ensure the “WOW” factor. He loves bringing your ideas to life. Together with his vision he creates your new surroundings which will leave you breathless and your neighbours buzzing.

Look, Jason Palmer is an artist. What he does is incredible. His vision is extraordinary. Yet sometimes we don’t even know what he is talking about. But you can’t always fault us. It’s hard to read our plan off a napkin.

Heck sometimes we don’t even know how we are going to get that humongous piece of rock off the truck, or onto your property.

Let alone in the right place.

Yet we trust his vision.


Well, clients are left stunned.

You see Jason’s main goal is to exceed your expectations. He goes the extra mile. He wants you gasping and your neighbours saying wow.

And the rest of us? Well we just try and keep up with him the best that we can. We give him all the support he needs while maintaining our commitment to cleanliness, your children’s safety and our professionalism.

We make a great team. And we want you to become apart of it. We believe that together we can turn your landscaping dreams into reality.

Obviously you are going to check out the other pages on this site. You will learn all the other stuff about our previous projects, our awards and Testimonials from previous clients.


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